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38 reviews for Buy Izhmash RWC Saiga

  1. Beack

    Great price on AKs!

  2. Richard

    Ordered and shipped in quickly.

  3. Mackinnon

    Quick processing and shipment. And, for the current climate, reasonable priced AKS. I will buy from them again.

  4. McClain

    Great customer service and a prompt shipper.

  5. silvie

    Fast shipping, got what I ordered, I’d leave more stars if I could, place is awesome!!!!!! Will definitely buy from again!! Very 😊, review left 2/14/21

  6. Ann Bollern

    Quality AK, Fast Shipping !!! AAA +++ !!!

  7. Drompal

    Great seller, they always have what I need at a fair price. Fast shipping is a bonus

  8. cliff

    Fast delivery good product.

  9. Torres

    Excellent service fast shipping

  10. Messner

    Online order was painless and the item shipped out far quicker than expected

  11. Drutentmely

    Quick shipment and easy to deal with.

  12. Dorothy

    Always reliable, great value, and fast shippers.

  13. Taylor

    Fast service as usual. Would do business with them again.

  14. DG

    Great service and competitive prices
    Easy order site and quick order turn around
    Highly recommended
    Will continue to use

  15. Rayford

    Caliber does a great job fulfilling my orders. Fast and accurate!

  16. Noust

    Solid company. Product was great and a good price.

  17. Susan

    Pleased with purchase, except wished that someone would answer their phone.

  18. Shouse

    Will buy again had a very good experience.

  19. Capricorn

    Returning customer. Great work again! Will be back again soon!

    Keep up the great work!

  20. Steven

    Fast shipping great price

  21. Thorpe

    Quick shipping, no problems.

  22. Stoner

    Great shipping time!!!

  23. Grops

    Always fast and professional service, even during this plandemic!

  24. Mitch

    Excellent Service!

  25. Schendel

    Bought from here before this purchase. So far works as expected. Thanks!

  26. Hayes

    Ordered a set of guns online and order was delivered within stated timescale. Good service from Calibre Armoury.

  27. Hayes

    Ordered a set of AKs and order was delivered within stated timescale. Good service from Calibre Armoury. I really love the shop and i am placing an order right now folks.

  28. John

    Best AK ever

  29. Mario Belli

    Happy customer, items sent and arrived promptly, will use again and recommend to others as trustworthy

  30. Peck

    Good quick and friendly service and first class products

  31. Kathy Bodegga

    wonderful choice an great staff to help with anything.

  32. Booker

    Very good service and quick delivery. Items were well rapped up and received in tact.

  33. Sparks

    I have always received excellent servive

  34. Randy

    Fantastic easy to use website aks arrived earlier than expected. My son is so happy

  35. Bak

    Outstanding Service! Fast and effective!!

  36. Bang

    Just made my first 3 purchases through them, so far it’s been a lot of fun shopping a never ending selection. Anything you could dream of is on here.

  37. aghil

    Purchased a bayonet for a saiga, the whole process was so easy. Delivery was quick and the bayonet was Great.

  38. wong

    Within the last three weeks I found and purchased two aks. I’m waiting on the second one to arrive but the prices I paid were very reasonable and/or cheap for what they are.

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Product Description

Buy Izhmash RWC Saiga

Buy Izhmash RWC Saiga – Izhmash RWC Saiga 7.62x39mm AK47-Style Rifle. Built using the same design as the ubiquitous AK-47, Saiga semi-auto rifles provide rugged quality and performance.

Utilizing the proven gas piston operating system, Saiga rifles bring unsurpassed reliability in a sporting package. Expertly crafted with a few internal parts and a hammer-forged chrome-lined barrel.

Saiga rifles have a long legacy of dependability that continues to this day. Simple to operate with user-friendly controls, the Saiga allows individuals of all skill levels to use and maintain it for years of enjoyment. Buy Izhmash RWC Saiga.

Izhmash RWC Saiga for sale

The Saiga was reintroduced in the 1990s and was marketed as a rifle capable of hunting medium-sized games.

Improvements were made to the initial design from the 1970s which made the rifle capable of handling more powerful cartridges such as the .308 Winchester/7.62×51mm and the more prevalent .223 Remington/5.56×45mm, 5.45×39mm, and 7.62×39mm calibers.

Features of Buy Izhmash RWC Saiga

Hammer-forged, chrome-lined.
Gas piston operating system.
Ergonomic charging handle.

These improvements contributed to the modern line of Saiga rifles being adopted by many different hunters.

The rifle is currently made in the Izhmash factory in the town of Izhevsk, the same plant that makes Kalashnikov military AKs. The Izhmash factory is the factory where Mikhail Kalashnikov worked for so many years.

Saigas were sometimes called “true” Kalashnikovs since they were made under license in the same Kalashnikov Concern Izhmash factory.

Many Kalashnikov-pattern rifles produced in the world today are unlicensed. U.S. President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order banning the importation of Russian-made firearms (which include the Saiga) into the United States.

In response to the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. RWC (originally from Tullytown, Pennsylvania) then changed its name to “Kalashnikov USA” and started manufacturing its AK-pattern rifles in Florida.

Kalashnikov USA is now manufacturing the Saiga (now called the US132) and other Kalashnikov rifles in the United States, independently of the Kalashnikov Concern in Russia. Can I buy RWC Izmash Saiga Rifle?


 Specifications of Izhmash RWC

Model: RWC Saiga
Caliber: 7.62×39
Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
Barrel Length: 16.25 in.
Sights: Adjustable
Stock: Fixed
Material: Polymer
Other Features: Rubber Buttpad Pistol Grip Sling Mount. Buy Izhmash RWC Saiga.