Buy Dragunov SVD98 Sniper

Buy Dragunov SVD98 Sniper

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Buy Dragunov SVDS Sniper
Dragunov SVDS Sniper
Buy Dragunov SVD98 Sniper


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38 reviews for Buy Dragunov SVD98 Sniper

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    Easy to order product fair pricing on products and quick shipping.

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    Good price. Fast shipping of a quality product during these “tough to find/get ammo” times. Thank you

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    Snipper shipped fast, very happy

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Product Description

Buy Dragunov SVD98 Sniper

SV-98 7.62mm sniper rifle. Buy Dragunov SVD98 Sniper.
The 7.62mm SV-98 sniper rifle is an individual sniper weapon designed to engage various fleeting, moving, open, and masked single targets.

The SV-98 is a non-automatic magazine sniper rifle and aimed fire is delivered by single shots.

The rifle is equipped with a 10-round detachable plastic box magazine, quick-detachable bipod adjustable in height, anti-mirage strap, noise suppressor, and anti-mirage suppressor hood. Buy Dragunov SVD98 Sniper

The rifle is available in the following versions:

with an optical sight;
with a night vision sight;
with optical and night vision sights;
with an optical sight and a night attachment;
without sights
Main characteristics
Caliber, mm7,62
Weight w/empty magazine, w/o optical sight and w/o accessories, kg6,5
Rifle length w/o suppressor, mm1200
Barrel length, not more than, mm650
Muzzle velocity, not less than, m/s815
Sighting range, m:
w/optical sight1000
w/iron sight600
Magazine capacity, rds10
tags: SV-98, Sniper rifles,

More on Dragunov SVDS Sniper

The 7.62 mm Dragunov expert sharpshooter rifle has been the main self-loader marksman rifle of the Russian infantry and other military units starting around 1963. The SVD is intended to draw in staff and other unarmored focuses at ranges up to 800 m. Buy Dragunov SVD98 Sniper

It highlights dependable gas-worked activity with a short-stroke cylinder and gas controller. Any kind of 7,62x54R rounds can be utilized for terminating the SVD, yet the best precision is accomplished with unique expert marksman cartridges. Cheap Dragunov SVD98 Sniper

The skeletonized buttstock is fitted with a removable cheek riser, making it simpler to utilize degrees or night-vision sights mounted on a side rail on the beneficiary.

The rifle has reinforcement iron sights and a blade mount. SVDS has been fighting tried all around the world which makes it without a doubt solid and proficient.
Collapsing buttstock makes it particularly famous with airborne, marine, and other quick-sending units.

Order Dragunov SVD98 Sniper

Purpose: engaging enemy personnel and unarmored targets with accurate fire at ranges up to 800 m.

The modernized SVDM Dragunov sniper rifle is an enhanced-performance support weapon for all service branches and special units. Buy Dragunov SVDS Sniper.

Dragunov sniper rifle with folding stock – the SVDS variant. Was specially designed for Russian paratroopers and special forces units. Buy Dragunov SVDS Sniper.

This rifle was designed by Yevgeny Dragunov in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It won the competition against two other competing designs and was adopted by the Soviet armed forces in 1963 as SVD.

Full-scale production of this rifle commenced in 1964. It became a standard squad support weapon in service with the Soviet armed forces. Buy Dragunov SVDS Sniper.

Also, it was exported to Warsaw Pact countries and Soviet allies. Currently, it is used by Russia and at least 30 other countries. It was licensed-produced in China.

A copy of this weapon was produced in Iran. Since its introduction, the SVD has seen action during countless wars. Production of this rifle continues in Russia. Buy Dragunov SVDS Sniper.

Specifications of Dragunov SVDS Sniper

  •  The reliable gas piston mechanism
  •  Chrome-lined bore and chamber
  •  Heavy barrel for increased stability and precision
  •  Uses all military-grade 7.62×54R rounds
  •  High-performance flash suppressor
  •  Optional sound/flash suppressor
  •  Pistol grip and foregrip made from shatterproof plastic
  •  Side-folding buttstock with adjustable heel pad
  •  Adjustable cheek riser for convenient use of telescopic sights
  •  Hinged dust cover with a Picatinny rail for installing telescopic and night sights
  •  Side rail for installing telescopic and night sights
  •  Redundant iron sights
  •  Folding bipod mount at the foregrip’s front end
Caliber: 7,62
Magazine capacity, rounds: 10
Length, mm: 1155
Weight, kg: 5,3
Barrel length, mm 565
Point-blank range, m350
Buttstock – Skeletonized, foldable, adjustable cheek riser and a heel pad
Mount for telescopic sights -Side rail on the receiver, Picatinny rail on the dust cover.