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Springfield XD 9MM
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25 reviews for Buy Springfield XD 9MM

  1. Judith

    Quick and easy

  2. Cortina

    Very fast shipping time to France ! Nothing was damaged, overall 5/5

    I will order again for sure

  3. Fulton

    Good product, late shipping. Expensive shippings.

  4. TranSBITCH

    Fast delivery.

  5. Tabitha

    Works like it should, everytime.

  6. Dawson

    Fast shipping, gun works for now so 5 stars 👌

  7. Inman

    Es very naic

  8. Sentes

    Great seller, Very good prices. Fast shipping to Lithuania. Will buy again!!!

  9. Gerald

    I ordered a XD 9MM from caliber to spain and in 5 laboral days, it was at my home, in perfect conditions.

  10. Gray

    I was quite happy with my recent experience with Caliber.
    The order arrived in the predicted day, with no delays. Also all items ordered where accounted for and was very pleased.

    Definitely recommend.

  11. Fuhrman

    Every think was perfect.

  12. Admily


  13. Beverly

    Nothing to say, Perfect

  14. Helm

    Very good! Well done

  15. Cox

    Fast and easy order and delivery, good quality on all the products


  16. Twens

    Excellent service, good prices, quick delivery…

  17. Theresa

    all well
    all well as usual

  18. Watson

    Absolutely perfect service is provided by the Caliber company. Thank you very much.

  19. Calderon

    I had an issue with one of the products received. After contacting the Customer Service the issue was resolved in a very efficient and timely manner. I won’t hesitate to recommend Caliber to anyone.

  20. Thather

    Fast on delivery, reasonable prices, items well conditioned, what else do you need.

  21. Philippa

    My order was shipped quickly and arrived a few days later, much faster than other places I’ve ordered from. Definitely going to be a repeat customer.

  22. Mallens

    Legit, quick shipping, excellent communication!

  23. Slager

    I have no problem buying a gun online. Transactions all went. well. This is not the first gun that I bought from this company. Shipping was always fast and on time. I’m sure I will buy more guns in the future.

  24. Jasmine Ingram

    Cancelled my order with no notification I was able to order what they didn’t have in stock.

    After sending them an inquire, they said they had 1 box left and I figured was the reason it was cancelled. It would appear now the whole order has shipped and will arrive tomorrow but as of now I am changing my rating for the better.

  25. Aziz Senay

    Straight forward purchase.
    Automatic list of local gun dealers to receive the item and to choose from, rapid process of handling the purchase, and rapid means of sending the merchandise, which, in my case, involved a gun.
    I am very pleased with the all process.
    Very professional.

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Product Description

Buy Springfield XD 9MM

Buy Springfield XD 9MM – Springfield Armory XD 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol 4″ Barrel 16 Rounds Black, Defender Series. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

The Springfield Armory XDD9101HC XD Defender Service Model 9mm 4in 16th Black Polymer Grip/Frame Black Melonite Slide. The XD Full-Size pistol from Springfield Armory sets the standard for polymer pistols.

It has everything you want and needs in a pistol superior ergonomics, reliable performance, and features that make it easy and intuitive to use. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

It utilizes a four-inch barrel and a full-sized frame. This means you’ll get the handling and accuracy you’d expect from a standard-sized pistol.

The striker status indicator and loaded chamber indicator let you know without a doubt, by touch, and by feel, whether or not the pistol is loaded and cocked. The grip safety, Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System, and the firing pin block safety combine to prevent accidental discharges. This Defender model comes with one magazine. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

The Defend Your Legacy Series XD® 4″ Service Model 9mm offers superlative XD attributes like an excellent grip-to-frame angle and both striker status and loaded chamber indicators along with a single 16-round magazine and a lower price.

The Ultra Safety Assurance Action Trigger System combines with the extraordinary SA grip safety to make the XD a safe and smooth striker-fired defensive pistol. A full-length guide rod ensures reliable slide cycling. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

Cheap Springfield XD 9MM

All XDs have a weight-saving polymer outline and a produced steel barrel completed in either Melonite or tempered steel. The XD arrives in a 3″ barrel sub-conservative chambered in 9 mm or .40 SW that is 6.25″ long. It likewise arrives in a 4″ barrel administration model chambered in 9 mm,

.40 SW, or .45 ACP that is 6.5″ long. XD MOD.2 has a 3″ 9 mm, 3.3 .45 ACP, and a 4″ designed for either 9 mm or .45 ACP that is 7.3″ long. The 9 mm firearms have a 1 to 10 bend, the .40 SWs, and the .45 ACPs a 1 to 16 contort. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

There’s a downplayed polish to the plan. To start with, it has a similar slide/recipient to hold the inside point as the M1911. The XDs have a docked beavertail, high grasp for ideal equilibrium, and tastefully satisfying extents.

Both the gag and the foundation of the hold show up practically equidistant from the trigger region. Seen from any point, the extents stay intentional and satisfying. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

Pleasant elements incorporate the under gag frill rail, able to use both hands to magazine discharge, grasp wellbeing, and the stacked chamber pointer.

These firearms additionally include Springfield’s Ultra Security Affirmation Trigger Wellbeing Framework and the positioning marker at the slide back. Some, however not all XDs, additionally can use both hands thumb well-being. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

Order Springfield XD 9MM

The XD had Dovetail 3-speck front and back sights. The XD MOD.2 has a fiber optic front sight and a two-white dab low-profile steel back sight.

The XD 3’s” smaller aspects mean its scorn barrel scarcely juts past one’s pointer causing it genuinely to feel at one with the client and ideal for both inside the belt and outside the belt convey. The weapon’s level is 4.75″, length is 6.25″.

It weighs just 1.625 pounds with a 13-round magazine. It likewise accompanies a bigger 16-round magazine with a coordinated expansion Springfield calls “X-Pressure.” This more prominent limit magazine extends the level to 5.5″, yet the width and length are something similar. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

XD MOD.2 delicately advances the style of the original XDs. Indeed, it adds work on front and back holds, a hardly slimmer slide and edge, a more ergonomic thumb rest, and an adjusted snagless trigger watchman.

The last option implies the forward part of the trigger watchman presently bends at the base as opposed to having a finger rest. Every surface that falls under the hand is not the same as the others allowing the client to all the more effectively know the weapon inside and out. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

The XD MOD.2 3.3 .45 ACP accompanies two magazines: a 9-round and a 13-round X-Pressure mag as well. The bigger XD 4″ 9 mm gun has a 16+1 setup. Its level is 5.5″, and its length is 7.3″. The XD 4″ .40 SW has two 12-round hardened steel magazines.

The .45 ACP has a couple of 13-round treated steel magazines. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

Buy Springfield XD 9MM

On January 1, 2019, Springfield Ordnance sent off the Safeguard Series (otherwise called Shield Your Inheritance Series) of XD firearms making a passage line of hidden convey self-loader 9 mm guns. Until further notice, there are only two: the XD 3″ Sub-Conservative Model in 13+1 design and the XD 4″ Standard Size Administration Model in 16+1 arrangement, both in 9 mm. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

These pair are visual twins of their pricier standard XD partners, yet each accompanies only one magazine rather than two.

These guns shun showiness and favor intentional business, keeping them reasonable. Material surfaces were where you would anticipate them, for example, at the front and back of the barrel, on the different switches, and before the trigger watchman.

They likewise include a truly raised stacked chamber marker for further developed security.

All original XD guns highlight steel Dovetail front and back sights, manufactured steel slides completed in Melonite, hammer-fashioned steel barrels, dark polymer outlines, trigger pulls that reach from 5.5 to 7.7 pounds, 1.2″ wide grasps, and tempered steel magazines. Buy Springfield XD 9MM.

The whole XD series of firearms began with Springfield Ordnance’s authorized creation of the Croatian HS2000, a weapon well known with the Croatian Armed force and police in that nation, so maybe it isn’t business as usual that all XD and XD MOD.2 firearms are likewise Made in Croatia

Specifications Of Springfield XD 9MM

Model: XD Defender
Caliber: 9MM
Action: Double Action Only (USA Action Trigger System)
Capacity: 16+1
Finish: Black
Stock: Lightweight Ultra High-Impact Polymer Frame
Sights: Fixed Dovetail/ Front & Rear
Barrel: 4″
Length: 7.2″
Features: Cable Lock/ Bore Brush/ Owners Manual