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The best home defense guns provide maximum protection for your home and family.

From rifles and shotguns to handguns, there are a variety of firearms available to meet your home defense needs.

It is important to consider your level of comfort and familiarity with firearms, as well as the protection you need when selecting the right home defense gun.

Rifles and shotguns are two of the most popular choices for home defense. Rifles typically offer greater accuracy over longer distances than shotguns, making them ideal for shooting at targets that are further away.

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Welcome to Calibre Armoury, the country’s top web-based gun dealer. With our great prices and devotion to agreeable client assistance, we do everything within our power to furnish dependable firearm owners with excellent guns and more.

We have everything from your kid’s most memorable hunting rifle to the uncommon and difficult-to-come-by limited runs.

Notwithstanding our immense gun choice, we offer ammunition, adornments, parts, and gear.

As the country’s leading and one of the main online weapon sellers, we generally keep famous models in stock and take care of all gun fans. Calibre Armoury gladly upholds and trusts in mindful firearm possession.

Ich werde Ihre Dienste jedem empfehlen, der eine Schusswaffe kaufen möchte.
Hans Müller
Amazing Business Transaction and delivery time with top-class support, with Calibre Gun Shop, be certain that your satisfaction is guaranteed!. Got the famous Glock 18c and loved it. This is crazy, thanks Chris i'll be shopping with you again soon.
John Mark
Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work, it is a pleasure doing business with you and we hope to keep a long-lasting relationship, working with you was a lifetime experience. I now own my firearm
Jude Augustine
C'est mon deuxième achat chez Calibre Gun Shop. Les deux étaient des armes à feu haut de gamme que Calibre Armory proposait à un prix très satisfaisant. Commandé (Sig MK25) un lundi soir et c'était à mon FFL jeudi à midi.
Géraldine se
I forgot to mention that I saved a lot of money buying from Calibre Amoury. Much cheaper than other online sites. Buying from Calibre Amoury is so simple with very small fees. I would have paid an extra $90.00 in fees at other sites, but not at Calibre Amoury. I am so happy with my purchase.
Larry S.
قدم كاليبر أفضل خدمة تلقيتها لشراء الأسلحة عبر الإنترنت. لقد اشتريت من مصادر أخرى وانتظر من أسبوع إلى أسبوعين لاستلام بندقيتي. لقد دفعت متجر Caliber Amour Shop واستلمت بندقيتي في FFL في غضون خمسة أيام. خدمات رائعة.
ستيفن محمد